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Syllabus of the Subject: Kith Meng (Cambodia. Buddhist Businessman, Course).

  1. Kith Meng (Cambodian Businessman, Theravada Buddhism)
  2. Royal Group
  3. His role as the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia
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Description of the Subject (Kith Meng, Cambodian Businessman).

Kith Meng (1968) is a Cambodian Businessman and President of the Royal Group; he also owns a majority share in the Cambodia TV (Cambodian Broadcasting Corporation) and CamGSM.

  1. Kith Meng has specialised in making joint ventures with international enterprises for the Cambodian companies.
  2. Kith Meng is also resident of the Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia and has the Honorary title of “Neak Oknha,” awarded by the Cambodian Royal Family
  3. During the Khmer Rouge period, Kith Meng spent his youth in a labour camp where his parents died.
  4. He escaped to Thailand and then emigrated to Australia
  5. He is a practitioner of Theravada Buddhism

The Royal group is one of the most dynamic companies in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

  1. The group focuses on attracting quality investment to Cambodia and provides to the foreign investors all the necessary to do business in the local market
  2. Today the Cambodian economy is the second in Asia, after China, regarding the GDP growth.
  3. Cambodia has also many advantages to belonging to the ASEAN.
  4. Recently the Royal Group has created Cambodia Airline, with the San Miguel Corporation (the Philippines)

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