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Syllabus of the Online Subject: Jyoti Group (Nepalese Businessman).

  1. Padma Jyoti (Nepalese Businessman, Theravada Buddhism)
  2. Jyoti Group
  3. Influence of Buddhist Dharma on their business

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Adaptation to Nepalese students of the Master of Science in International Business (MIB).

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Description of the Online Subject: The Jyoti Group (Nepal).

Under the management of the President of the Jyoti Group (Nepal), Padma Jyoti and the Vice-President PhD Roop Jyoti, the group develops his business in international trade of steel, audio, iron, textiles, pharmaceutical products, hospitals, and financial services

  1. The Jyoti Group has more than 2,500 workers and branches in all the Nepalese territory
  2. The Jyoti Group was created in 1941 by Maniharsha Jyoti
  3. The Syakar Company was incorporated in 1976.
  4. Today, the company is the official importer and distributor of Philips and Honda in the Nepalese market
  5. Bhaju Ratna Kansakar (Kathmandu 1882 - December 20, 1956) was a merchant and philanthropist of Nepal who created the Jyoti Group
  6. Bhaju Ratna Kansakar played a fundamental role in the re-emergence of Theravada Buddhism in Nepal, then banned by the Nepalese Government
  7. In 1920, the Nepalese Businessman Jyoti Kansakar Maniharsha incorporated the firm “Syamukapu.”
  8. The Jyoti Group was founded in 1940 by Maniharsha Jyoti.
  9. He was an activist of social causes and a devotee of Buddhist Dharma
  10. He defines himself as “Vipassana Mediator and Dhamma Worker.”

To make elders proud, be respectful, satisfied, grateful and to listen to the words of Dhamma in time that are the highest welfare.”
Maniharsha Jyoti Kansakar Tipitaka (Teachings of Gautama, the Buddha).

The Jyoti Group belongs to the Economic Area of Hindu Civilisation and the Buddhist Civilisation

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