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  1. The Brazilian Businessman João Roberto Marinho
  2. Globe Organisations
  3. Roberto Marinho Foundation
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John Marinho Brazilian Businessman

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Ireneo Robert Marinho (Rio de Janeiro, 1947) is a Brazilian Businessman and the President of the Group “Globo Organisations,” the largest media conglomerate in Brazil

  1. He leads the group since 2003 after the death of his father, Roberto Marinho
  2. In 1977, the journalist Roberto Marinho founded the Roberto Marinho Foundation, today the Foundation is present in all regions of Brazil, valuing culture and national identity
  3. The Marinho Foundation has managed to raise 84 million dollars through the “Hope Child” programme that mobilizes the Brazilians to donate resources to the UNESCO
  4. Mr Marinho is Christian Catholic (Latin American Economic Area of the Western Christian Civilisation)

John (João) Robert Marinho (Rio de Janeiro, 1953) is the Vice President of Globo Organisations and Chairperson of the Editorial Board of Globe Organisations. He has a fortune of 6.5 billion dollars

  1. He is the third of four children of a deceased Brazilian communications tycoon, Roberto Marinho (1904-2003)

Globo Communication and Investments SA is the largest media group in Brazil

  1. Globo was created in 1925.
  2. The Globo group controls, among other companies, the leading television network in Brazil, the leading pay-TV programmes in Brazil, as well as Internet content and service providers, related companies, and music publishing magazine.
  3. More than 24,000 people work in the Globo Group
  4. The conglomerate consists of over eighty different companie.
  5. They also have interests in banking, real estate industry or the food industry

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