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Pedro Nonell, a member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (Berlin - Germany)

Founded in 1999, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is a non-profit organisation based in Berlin (Germany).

The objective of the Institute is to support the global peace and stability by strengthening the intercultural relations.

Institute Cultural Diplomacy

The founder and current President of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is PhD Emil Constantinescu, former President of Romania (1996-2000) and former Rector at the University of Bucharest (1992-1996). The Director of the Institute is Mark C. Donfried.

Cultural Diplomacy

Since December 2013, Pedro Nonell (founder and Director of EENI) is part of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.

“For me it is a true honour to accept this invitation to join the prestigious Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. I hope to contribute my humble knowledge of international business and global ethics to assist in the development of Cultural Diplomacy, whose objectives are to promote the world peace and the international relations, particularly on the global business” Pedro Nonell.

Pedro Nonell imparting the conference on “Cultural Diplomacy, International Business and Global Ethics” - Religions of the World as the sources of Global Ethics.

Nonell Ethics Berlin
The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2013 (Berlin) - “Cultural Diplomacy and Continental Cooperation: Building Bridges for Global Community.”

Advisory Board of the Institute

The Consultative Advisory Board of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, which Pedro Nonell is a member, consists of eminent personalities from the world of international politics, universities, businesses and famous artists. According to the institute itself:

Advisory Board

“A group of people who have shown an extraordinary contribution to society and who have served their country and their communities in meaningful ways.”

The Council consists of the former Presidents of countries (Romania, Panama, Ecuador, Estonia, Ireland, Mauritius, Italy...), Ministers, Presidents, entrepreneurs, senior Executives of multinationals, Ambassadors, European Commissioners, musicians, secretaries of state or including the Former General Director of the World Trade Organisation, His Excellency PhD Supachai Panitchpakdi.

“For me; it was a unique, unforgettable experience. Know the vision of the World of these people have is something invaluable, both professionally and personally. Behaving breakfast at the same table with the former President of Serbia, the adviser to Croatian prime minister, a Scottish lord, an former Minister of Morocco and former President of the Australian Senate and to speak of “one on one” with them about the world, is something that I will never forget.

Participate in a closed meeting, and hear the wise reflections of His Excellency PhD Supachai Panitchpakdi, Director of the UNCTAD, about the Transpacific Trade Agreement and its influence on China and Southeast Asia, or listen to the Personal Adviser to the President of Nigeria, calling for action and not only for reflection to the President of the General Conference of UNESCO, has definitely enriched me as a person.” Pedro Nonell.

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