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Syllabus of the Online Course (Subject): International Trade and Business in Guangzhou, Canton, and Shenzhen (China).

  1. Introduction to Guangzhou (Canton - China)
  2. Economy of Guangzhou
  3. International Trade of Guangzhou
  4. Canton Fair
  5. Shenzhen: a gateway for China to the outside world
  6. Automotive sector in Guangzhou
  7. Electronic information manufacturing industry
  8. Logistics sector
  9. Biopharmaceutical sector

Companies in Guangzhou.

  1. Guangzhou Automotive Group
  2. Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings
  3. ZTE Corporation
  4. Huawei
  5. Galanz Group
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  1. Credits of the Online Course / Subject “Foreign Trade and Business in Guangzhou”: 1 ECTS Credits
  2. Duration: one week

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Course: Doing Business in Guangzhou Canton

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Description of the Online Course: Foreign Trade and Business in Guangzhou

Shenzhen: a gateway for China to the outside world.

Guangzhou has become one of the wealthiest cities in the People's Republic of China.

  1. The proximity to Hong Kong has allowed its fast economic development
  2. Completely open to foreign direct investment, Canton is an important industrial and commercial centre of the People's Republic of China, thanks to its international import and export fair
  3. Guangzhou has three pillar industries: Automotive, petrochemical, and electronic information manufacturing
  4. Guangzhou (Canton) is in the Greater Pearl River Delta, one of mainland leading commercial, international trade and manufacturing regions of the People's Republic of China
  5. Gross domestic product reached ¥911.28 billion (USD 133.5 billion), per capita was ¥89,498 (USD 13,111)
  6. Canton (Guangzhou) is the third largest city in the People's Republic of China (population of 12.78 million)
  7. The auto industry is one of the largest industries of Guangzhou.
    1. The automotive production in Guangzhou reached 13,584 million, accounting for 7.44% of the total of the People's Republic of China (18,2647 million).
    2. 552 companies exported vehicles and auto component.
    3. Guangzhou has attracted 448 projects concerning auto and component production, involving a total foreign investment volume of 9,258 billion dollars
  8. Electronic information manufacturing industry is other of the three pillar industries in Guangzhou. The total production of the electronic information manufacturing industry in Guangzhou reached RMB 180 million (an increase of 32.8% compared to previous year)
  9. Guangzhou is a Chinese centre for road, rail, air, sea and river transport and information technology
  10. Guangzhou benefits from a strong economic foundation and a strategic geographic position for the development of international logistics

Shenzhen is situated at the Southern corner of the Chinese mainland and on the eastern Bank of the Pearl River.

  1. Shenzhen neighbours Hong Kong
  2. Total population that includes migrants reached 13.22 million
  3. Shenzhen is the fourth on the Chinese mainland regarding the economic power and one of the Chinese cities that has generated the largest economic returns
  4. Shenzhen is a link between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong and a transport hub in Southern China
  5. Of the Fortune Global 500 companies, 180 have branches in Shenzhen

The Canton Fair is the largest Import/Export fair in the World. Inaugurated in 1957, the event has become very famous thenceforth. Gathering 150,000 importers each year, the show is now a reference in the World of international business.

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