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The courses and diplomas in International trade are courses of short duration that are considered continuing education. These courses are directed to those who wish to learn or refresh their knowledge in a specific subject related to International trade, for example, Customs, Incoterms, establishing international pricing, etc. And as well as for those individuals who have limited availability to study a long term course such as a post graduate or Master in International Business.

Master International Business

Video Courses and diplomas in International trade

It is not necessary to have previous studies, although depending on the course, it is advisable to have basic knowledge in International trade.

The courses are available in 4 languages (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese). The student has free access to the materials in these languages.

Each course contains exercises that are evaluated which the student must work out and pass in order to obtain their respective diploma.

Courses Doing business in...

Foreign trade Courses Weeks
Foreign Trade Management Course
Incoterms, Customs, Import export documents
International Transport and Logistics Course
Maritime, air, road, rail, multimodal...
Payment Methods and International Finance Course
Letters of credit, Finance of International trade, FOREX, Bonds and Guarantees

Certificate program in global marketing and Internationalization Weeks
Postgraduate Course in Global Marketing 12
Course: Advanced Global Marketing
International market research. Segmentation, brand and positioning. Intercultural management.
Certificate program in Internationalization and Foreign direct investment
Internationalization. Foreign Direct Investment. International contracts. Export department.


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