Elikia M'Bokolo (Congolese Historian, Doctorate)

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Syllabus of the Online Subject: Elikia M'Bokolo (Democratic Republic of the Congo).

  1. Elikia M'Bokolo (Congolese Historian, Catholic)
  2. Main works of Elikia M'Bokolo on contemporary history of Africa and African Civilisation

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Elikia M'Bokolo (Congolese Historian, e-Doctorate)

escription of the Subject (Higher Education, e-learning): Elikia M'Bokolo (Congolese historian).

Specialisation of Elikia M'Bokolo: The African History (modern and contemporaneous).

The Congolese historian Elikia (Espoir) M'Bokolo, was born on December 23, 1944, in Leopoldville (Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo); he is a specialist in the History of Africa (social, policy, and intellectual).

An emblematic figure in his country; Elikia M'Bokolo spent most of his career in France, where he was associate professor at the University. Currently; he is the Director of studies at the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris. He is also Professor of History at the University of Kinshasa.

  1. Religion: Elikia M'Bokolo is Christian (Catholic)
  2. The main field of research of Elikia M'Bokolo: political transformations in Africa, Central Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo, Mozambique, Ghana, African Diasporas
  3. Influenced by Patrice Lumumba (History of Africans by Africans) and Kwame N'Krumah

Main books of Elikia M'Bokolo:

  1. Black Africa. History and Civilisations
  2. Central Africa: development strategies and prospects
  3. Elikia M'Bokolo is the Author of Volume V (Africa from 16th to 18th Century) and Volume VII Africa since 1935 of the UNESCO General History of Africa
  4. Blacks and whites in Equatorial Africa: coastal societies and French penetration to 1820-1874
  5. The coveted continent, Africa in the twentieth century
  6. Mirambo: a great chief against slave traders

Elikia M'Bokolo belongs to the Central African Economic Area (African Civilisation).

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