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Susana Fernandez (EENI Professor)

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Susana Fernandez (Directress of EENI School of Doctorate)

Management is something hard to understand; direction is not an easy task to achieve, but EENI Global Business School has found the way to put it all together into one piece, with its different master programs focused on the international business.

Our Master and Doctoral programs are becoming tools for the students to improve their professional life. Ever since the increasing competitive environment, corporate leaders are facing growing challenges towards high-speed business development, which has intimated investors to avoid crisis.

However, we have built a structured way of learning with knowledge from different scholars worldwide to achieve success. EENI is working hand-in-hand with International entities conveying projects with the purpose being a bridge in the middle of the crisis and solution.

I invite you to experience a new structured way of learning that will turn you into an expert and leave behind your role as spectator our teaching team is ready to take you there.

Yours sincerely

Susana Fernandez

Two African Students receiving the diploma of the Master of Science in International Business at EENI headquarters:
African Students, Master International Business and Global Trade


  1. Susana Fernandez holds a Bachelor's Degree in “Economic Sciences and Business” from the University of Barcelona;
  2. She has Doctoral studies in “International Economics and Development”.

Employment and Work Experience

  1. She was a professor at the University of Barcelona and at the Business School of Caixa Terrassa (attached to the Polytechnic University of Catalonia - UPC) for seventeen years;
  2. Ex-Professor of the Master of the foreign trade, University of Barcelona (Spain);
  3. She has published articles in various journals and prepared studies and research for companies in the private and public sector;
  4. She has been the Coordinator and Professor of the “Master of Science in Public Economics and Development,” conducted by the University of Barcelona in Managua, Nicaragua. She has teaching experience in several Central American Countries;
  5. She was the Director of International Relations of EENI Global Business School. She manages the commercial department and the virtual educational platform developed by EENI;
  6. Directress of EENI School of Doctorate;
  7. Authors of numerous publications and research papers.

U-EENI University Africa

Diploma of the Doctorate in International Business delivered to Oussama Bouaziz (Tunisia)
Diploma of Master, Doctorate in International Business

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