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EENI Networking: the students in Asia, Europe, Americas, Africa

Study Methodology

The main objective of the EENI Alumni Networking is that the student can share information, discuss on international trade topics, or create working groups.

Access to the EENI Alumni e-Community

EENI (School of International Business) has students in more than one hundred countries; all they are working in the international business. EENI wish that the students from different countries can do networking, exchange points of view, and experiences. When relationships exist between the students; it is possible to consolidate an international network of contacts between the EENI students. All this is channelled through the Club Alumni. EENI offers several tools to network: online chats, joint projects, forums.

The intercultural richness of the global community of EENI students is ideal for the practice of the intercultural negotiation. EENI invites to all the students to interact together as a fundamental part of the development of international business.

EENI World

EENI - European Students:
EENI European Students

EENI - African Students:
EENI African Students

EENI - The Middle East and Maghreb Students:
EENI Middle East Students

EENI - American Students:
EENI American Students

EENI - Asian Students:
EENI Asian Students

The aim of EENI alumni is that the students can contribute writing articles, discussing ideas or creating working groups. This part is structured:

Articles of students.

The objective of this area is that the students can contribute writing articles and content related to the topic of study to share with other EENI's students (the past and future). Student participation is crucial for the concept of “social constructivism.”

Networking Articles of students

FORUM - Discuss with other students.
Students can discuss the subject topic in this forum. EENI encourage participating in this forums to improve the student expertise in International Business.

FORUM Discuss

Other e-Campus modules:

ecampus international

It is an information and assistance resource for solving problems. Help Desk is a questions and answers system that facilitates the student to send questions to the person responsible for responding. It is distributed in the following categories:

ecampus help Desk

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