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The “Spanish Association of Business Schools” was created in 2008 by eleven Private Business Schools of Spain. The mission of the association is “to contribute, as a body, to the development of managers and executives through the Professional Masters of Science that allow the students to achieve a high educational efficiency.”

Spain Business School

The Spanish Association of Business Schools is a quality assurance standard of the Spanish business schools. Its members share the goal of providing Professional Masters that allow executives training who can improve the business efficiency.

The Spanish Association of Business Schools is associated with the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations), as representative of the sector employer of Spanish business schools (the CEOE is the largest Spanish institution of employers and leading business lobby).

Spanish Confederation Business

EENI Global Business School, like a member of the Spanish Association of Business Schools, is part of the official foreign promotion campaigns of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain and ICEX.

Ministry of Education ICEX Spain Trade

ICEX “Spain Trade and Investment” is a public company whose mission is to promote globally the Spanish companies and attracting the foreign investment to Spain.

The Spanish Association of Business Schools serves as partner dialogue between the business schools and the Spanish Government, companies and other Spanish or foreign institutions.

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