Dr Fernandinho Domingos Sanca

EENI- School of International Business

Dr Fernandinho Domingos Sanca (Guinea-Bissau / Spain)

Dr Fernandinho Domingos Sanca

Dr Fernandinho Domingos Sanca (Guinea-Bissau / Spain): Director of Doctoral thesis of EENI (School of International Business).


  1. Doctor in Law, University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain)
  2. Master in Private Law, University Carlos III of Madrid
  3. Master Specialist in Legal Advice (Cuba)
  4. Degree in Law, University Central “Martha Abreu” of Las Villas of Cuba

Employment and Work Experience

  1. Professor of Banking Law, Computer Law and e-Commerce, University Lusófona of Guinea-Bissau
  2. Professor of Scientific Research Methodology
  3. Professor and Director of the Doctoral Thesis EENI

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