Research Area (Online Doctorate): Orthodox Christianity and Business

Professional Doctorate in Global Ethics, Religions, and International Business: Global Ethics, Islam, Christianity, Indian Religions, Buddhism, Chinese Religions, Orthodoxy, Other Religions. Thesis

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Subjects of the Research Area “Orthodoxy: Ethics and Business” (3 ECTS) of the Online Doctorate

  1. Orthodox Christianity (PDF)
  2. Orthodox Economic Area (PDF)

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The module “Orthodoxy: Ethics and Business” consists of two sub-modules:

Sub-module one- Orthodox Christianity

Orthodox Ethics and Business (Doctorate)

  1. Introduction to Orthodoxy
  2. Pillars of Orthodox Christianity
  3. Orthodox Christian Church
  4. Influence of Orthodox Ethics on Business
  5. Orthodox Businessmen
    1. Vladimir Potanin
    2. Helena Baturina
    3. Alexander Lebedev
    4. Onsi Sawiris
    5. Nayla Hayek
    6. Mimi Alemayehou
  6. Leo Tolstoy: Leader of Non-Violence (Ahimsa)

Download the syllabus “Orthodoxy” (PDF)

Sub-module two- Economic Area of Orthodox Civilisation

  1. Russia: The Central State of Orthodox Civilisation
  2. Economic Area of Orthodox Civilisation
  3. Economic Profile of Orthodox Countries: Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine
  4. Economic Integration of Orthodox Civilisation
  5. Interactions of Orthodox Civilisation with other civilisations

Download the syllabus “Economic Area of Orthodox Civilisation” (PDF)

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Samples of the Online Professional Doctorate in Global Ethics, Religions, and International Business

Orthodoxy Business and Ethics (Doctorate)

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