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Research Work and Thesis Plan of the Professional Doctorate in Business in the Muslim Countries (distance learning)

Professional Doctorate in International Business specialisation in the Muslim Countries (e-learning)

In the admission process, the Supervisor of the Professional Doctorate will assign a tutor to the Doctoral student, who will be the responsible for coordinate the student activities in the Doctoral programme.

Furthermore, a thesis supervisor (Director) is assigned. The Thesis Supervisor will guide the student in planning the thesis; he is the ultimately responsible for the consistency and novelty of the thesis.

The Thesis Supervisor could be selected by the student from the EENI’s team of doctors or freely by the student if he/she has a Doctoral degree. The Tutor and the Supervisor (Director) can match. Co-direction of the thesis is also allowed.

Research Work and Thesis Plan (40 ECTS) of the Professional Doctorate in Business in the Muslim Countries.

With the support of the thesis supervisor (Director), the Doctoral student must perform the appropriate research that will lead to the realisation of his thesis plan of the Professional Doctorate in Business in the Muslim Countries. The Doctoral student must prepare and submit a thesis plan related to the Islamic economic area, which, as a minimum, should include the provisional title of the thesis, the objectives pursued, the methodology to be used and schedule.

Director of the Doctorate in International Business specialisation Muslim Countries

Najib Yahya Abdulalem Najib Yahya Abdulalem Hassan (Malaysia, Yemen)

The Doctoral student must study the module “Research methodology”, which will introduce to the method of preparation of a thesis.

EENI Professors:
EENI Professors

Thesis and Thesis Defense (120 ECTS) of the Professional Doctorate in Business in the Muslim Countries.

Under the supervision of the Thesis Supervisor of the Doctorate, the Doctoral student develops and presents the research results. The Doctoral student can select their subject areas within the research parameters proposed by EENI, creating a thesis that it must be completely original and own, which will be published on the EENI’s platform built for this purpose.

EENI highly appreciated that the results of the thesis could benefit the development of the Muslim Countries as well as build bridges for the dialogue between the Islamic Civilisation and other civilisations.

The Directorate may authorise the deposit of the thesis like a compendium of publications if the requirements established by the Directorate are fulfilled.

Thesis defense by video conference.

Thesis Defense (Video conference)

Examples of research topics related to the Islamic economic area

  1. Ethical principles of Islam
  2. Islam and businesses
  3. Sunni and Shi'a
  4. The Ummah (Muslim Community)
  5. The Economic impact of the Zakat
  6. The Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and business
  7. Implementation of the Sharia law in the Muslim Countries and their implications on business
  8. Islam and globalisation
  9. The Islamic Countries in the global economy
  10. Contributions of the principles of the Islamic economy
  11. The Islamic Finance and banking
  12. Profile of the Islamic consumer
  13. Muslim women and business
  14. The Arab Official Development Assistance (ODA)
  15. The Arab Development Funds
  16. Human rights in Islam
  17. Economic areas of the Islamic Civilisation
  18. The Arab Economic Area
  19. The Central Eurasian Economic Area
  20. The Malay Economic Area (ASEAN)
  21. The Maghrebian Economic Area
  22. The African Economic Area (West and East Africa)
  23. Central states of the Islamic Civilisation
  24. Interactions between the Islamic economic areas
  25. Economic relations with the other civilisations
  26. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Ummah (Islamic Community)
  27. The role of the Arab League
  28. The Export financing scheme of the Islamic Development Bank
  29. The Islamic common market
  30. The Greater Arab Free-Trade Area (GAFTA)
  31. Implications of the trade preferential system among the Member States of the OIC (OIC-TPS)
  32. Strengths and weaknesses of the Arab Countries
  33. Information technology and intra-Islamic trade
  34. The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Islamic economic area
  35. The Islamic value chains
  36. The private sector development
  37. International relations of the Muslim Countries
  38. Muslim frontier markets
  39. Emergence of Muslim Business People
  40. Corruption in the Islamic economic area
  41. Trade relations with Asia (China, India, the BRICS Countries, Africa)...

Director of Doctorates in International Business (DIB): Dr Margarita Carrillo López


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