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Thesis related (Doctorate America)

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Research Work and Thesis Plan of the Professional Doctorate in American Business (eLearning)

Professional Doctorate in International Business (DIB) Specialization in American Business taught by EENI Global Business School.

Professional Doctorate in International Business (DIB). Online Education

Doctorate in American Business (Online)

In the admission process, the Supervisor of the Doctorate will assign a tutor to the Doctoral Student, who will be the responsible to coordinate the student activities in the Doctoral programme.

  1. Furthermore, a Director (Thesis Supervisor) is assigned;
  2. The Thesis Supervisor will guide the student in thesis planning; he is the ultimately responsible for the consistency and novelty of the thesis;
  3. The Thesis Supervisor can be selected by the student from the EENI team of doctors or freely by the student if he/she has a Doctoral degree;
  4. The Tutor and Supervisor (Director) can match;
  5. Co-direction of the thesis is also allowed.

Research Work and Thesis Plan (40 ECTS).

With the Thesis Supervisor (Director) support, the Doctoral Student must perform the appropriate research that will lead to the realization of his thesis plan.

The Doctoral Student must prepare and submit a thesis plan, which, as a minimum, should include the provisional thesis title, objectives pursued, methodology to be used, the means and schedule.

The Doctoral Student must study the “Research methodology” module, which will introduce to the thesis preparation method.

EENI highly appreciates that the thesis results could benefit the development of the American continent.

Thesis and Thesis Defense (120 ECTS) of the Doctorate

Under the supervision of the Thesis Supervisor, the Doctoral Student develops and presents the research results.

  1. The Doctoral Student can select their subject areas within the research parameters proposed by EENI, creating a thesis that must be completely original and own, which will be published on the EENI platform set up for this purpose;
  2. The Directorate may authorise the thesis deposit like a compendium of publications if the requirements established by the Directorate are fulfilled.

Thesis Defense by video conference.

Thesis Defense (Video conference) Doctorate in International Business

Examples of research topics related to America

  1. American Economic Areas of the Western-Christian Civilization;
  2. Christianity and businesses in America;
  3. Latin American strategic sectors;
  4. Production in Latin America (Iberian America);
  5. Strengths and weaknesses of the Latin American Countries;
  6. American regional integration;
  7. Regional integration blocs (MERCOSUR, United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement...);
  8. Intra-American trade;
  9. Latin American economic institutions;
  10. Interconnections among the Latin American Markets;
  11. Customs in America;
  12. Information technology and trade;
  13. Logistics and transport in America;
  14. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in America;
  15. American value chains;
  16. Role of the American private sector;
  17. International relations of the Latin American Countries;
  18. The U.S. and the global market;
  19. The United States in the new economy;
  20. American emerging markets;
  21. Economic governance in America;
  22. Corruption in America;
  23. America's relations with Asia (Africa, China, India, BRICS Countries, Arab countries);
  24. Latin America and Globalization;
  25. African Diaspora in America;
  26. Central states of Latin America (Iberian America).

Online Education (Courses, Masters, Doctorate): Latin American Economic Integration

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