Divine Ndhlukula (Zimbabwean Businesswoman)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Divine Ndhlukula (Businesswoman, Zimbabwe).

  1. The Zimbabwean Businesswoman Divine Ndhlukula
  2. SECURICO Security Company
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Divine Ndhlukula (Zimbabwean Businesswoman)

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Description of the Subject (Higher Education, e-learning): Divine Ndhlukula (Zimbabwean businesswoman)

  1. In 2011, the Zimbabwean Businesswoman Divine Ndhlukula, was awarded the “Africa Award.”
  2. According to Forbes, Divine Ndhlukula is the most successful business woman in Africa (2012)
  3. In 1998, Divine Ndhlukula founded SECURICO MD only with four workers, today his security company employ 4,000 employees (total revenues of 13 million dollars)
  4. Securico has developed an excellent welfare package for his employees
  5. Ndhlukula also founded Canine Dog Services and Multi-Link (electronic security systems)
  6. Divine Ndhlukula is the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe National Chambers of Commerce
  7. Divine Ndhlukula is Christian

Divine Ndhlukula belongs to the Southern African Economic Area (African Civilisation).

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