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Christophe Wondji (Ivorian Historian)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Christophe Wondji (Historian, Ivory Coast).

  1. Christophe Wondji (Ivorian Historian);
  2. Black Christ of the Lagoons (Prophet Harris).

Christophe Wondji (African Historian)
Christophe Wondji (Ivorian Historian, Doctorate)

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Christophe Wondji (Ivorian Historian).

The Ivorian Historian and University Professor Christophe Wondji was born in 1937 (Ivory Coast); he died in 2015 in the exile (Paris, France).

  1. Co-Director of the Volume VIII (Africa since 1935) and Author of the Volume V (Africa since the Century 16th until the 18th) of the UNESCO General History of Africa;
  2. Former Director of the Department of History of the National University of Ivory Coast;
  3. Christophe Wondji was a Professor of Modern History at the University of Abidjan;
  4. Member of the Academy of sciences, arts, cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora (ASCAD);
  5. Specialization:
    1. History of Africa and West Africa;
    2. African Civilization.

Main books of Christopher Wondji:

  1. Prophet Harris: The Black Christ of the Lagoons;
  2. History and National consciousness in Africa;
  3. Camera Nigra, discourse on African film;
  4. Popular Songs in Ivory Coast;
  5. West Coast: from Senegal to Ivory Coast: geography, society, history (1500-1800);
  6. Led the drafting of the “General History of Africa” of the UNESCO;
  7. History in forest lineage societies of the Ivory Coast.

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  1. Yamoussoukro, Abidjan;
  2. Bouaké, Man, San-Pédro;
  3. Daloa, Korhogo.

Christopher Wondji was an African Historian of the West African Economic Area (African Civilization).

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