China's Free Trade Agreements

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Sub-subject Sub-subject: China's Free Trade Agreements (FTA). Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to China's Free Trade Agreements.
  2. Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with the ASEAN, Pakistan, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Peru, Closer Economic and Partnership Arrangement, Costa Rica, and Cameroon
  3. China Taiwan Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement.


Sub-subject “China's Free Trade Agreements (FTA)” is studied...
  1. Masters (e-learning): International Business, Asia, BRICS Countries, Pacific, and Economic Relations
  2. Course: China
  3. Doctorate in Business in Asia

Languages of study: English 中国: 已签协议的自贸区 Spanish China French China Portuguese China

Master in International Business adapted to Chinese students

Sample of the Sub-subject: China's Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement

Description Sub-Subject Description: China's Free Trade Agreements (FTA):

  1. ASEAN-China Free Trade Area 中国 - 东盟自由贸易区
  2. China-Pakistan 中国 - 巴基斯坦自由贸易区
  3. China-Chile 中国 - 智利自由贸易协定
  4. China-New Zealand 中国 - 新西兰自由贸易协定
  5. China-Singapore 中国 - 新加坡自贸区
  6. China-Peru
  7. China-Costa Rica
  8. European Union-China (欧盟中国贸易关系)
  9. Andean Community-China
  10. Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic and Partnership Arrangement (CEPA)
  11. Mainland and Macau Closer Economic and Partnership Arrangement
  12. Trade Agreement with Cameroon, Malawi
  13. Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Programme
  14. FTA with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) (negotiations)

Preferential Trade Agreement.

  1. Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA) (亚太贸易协定)

Free Trade Agreements under negotiation.

  1. China-Gulf Cooperation Council
  2. China-Australia
  3. China-Iceland
  4. China-Norway
  5. China-Southern African Customs Union (SACU)

Free Trade Agreements under consideration.

  1. China-India Regional Trade Arrangement Joint viability Study
  2. China-Korea FTA Joint viability Study
  3. China-Japan-Korea Joint Study
  4. China-Switzerland FTA Joint Study

Samples - Business in China

European Union-China Free Trade Agreement

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC


China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement

Forum China-Africa cooperation

Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement APTA

China-Chile Free Trade Agreement

China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement

China-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement

China-New Zealand Agreement

China-Andean Community Foreign Trade

China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement

China-Peru Free Trade Agreement

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