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Syllabus of the Subject- Caritas (Humanitarian Organisation of the Catholic Church), Doctorate.

  1. Caritas as the humanitarian organisation of the Catholic Church
  2. Vision of Caritas: “Towards a civilisation of love.”

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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI Academic Coordinator for Anglophone Countries
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Description of the Subject: CARITAS (Humanitarian Organisation of the Catholic Church)

CARITAS is the humanitarian organisation of the Catholic Church (Christianity). The main objectives of CARITAS are to promote the social justice globally, philanthropy, and poverty eradication.

Its mission statement is beautiful and significant enough:

“Towards a Civilisation of Love.”

As a Catholic Christian organisation, their primary source of inspiration is the social doctrine of the Church and the Gospels.

Caritas is also very active in the necessary responses to the humanitarian crises: disasters, conflict, and effects of climate change.

One of the principles is equality between men and women.

Charity is a Christian duty.”

Harmony of Religions (e-Doctorate)

Caritas works with both Catholic Christians as non-believers and practitioners of other religions. Caritas operates worldwide: Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

“Caritas is a fundamental part of the Catholic Church and the institution of love of our church.

Caritas is the caress of the Church to his people; the caress, tenderness, and closeness of the Mother Church to their children” Pope Francis.

The largest source of funding of Caritas is the donation, both in money and kind.

In 2012, the Spanish multi-millionaire and owner of the Inditex Group, Amancio Ortega (the third-richest men in the World), donated 20 million EUR to Caritas.

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