Carlos C. Contreras Rojas (EENI Professor)

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Carlos C. Contreras Rojas (Venezuela)

Carlos Cesar Contreras (EENI Professor)

Carlos C. Contreras Rojas (Venezuela) is a EENI Professor (School of International Business) in:

  1. Professional Master's Program in International Business (MIB)
  2. Master in Business in America (Distance learning)
  3. Doctorate Business in America


  1. Higher Technical Degree in Foreign Trade, University Institute of New Professions (Venezuela)
  2. Certified Public Accountant, National Open University (Valencia, Mérida)

Employment and Work Experience

  1. Professor at EENI School of International Business
  2. Author of several books and courses related to the foreign trade
  3. Freelance writer contributor
  4. Coordinator of the Support Unit to Exporters, Merida State Government, Ministry of Industry and Trade (Venezuela)

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