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Subject Subject (Course): Business in California - Los Angeles (USA). Syllabus:

  1. California: the eighth largest economy in the World.
  2. Regions of California.
  3. Doing Business in Los Angeles.
  4. Port of Los Angeles
  5. Case Study: News corporation.
  6. Silicon Valley.
  7. Key Players: Adobe, AMD, Apple, CISCO, eBay, HP, Oracle, Yahoo, Symantec, Intel.
  8. Doing Business with Los Angeles County.


Subject “Doing Business in California” is studied...
  1. Doctorate in Business in America (e-learning)
  2. Masters: International Business, America, and Pacific

Languages of study: English or Spanish California

  1. Credits of the sub-subject “Foreign Trade and Doing Business in California”: 2 ECTS Credits / 1 AC Credits
  2. Duration: two weeks

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Sample of the subject - Foreign Trade and Doing Business in California:
Doing Business in California

Description Subject Description (Doing Business in California):

If Los Angeles County were a nation, would be the 19th biggest in the World.

  1. The economy of California represents 13% of the gross domestic product of the United States (America) (grew 24.2% in five years).
  2. 96% of all companies have less than fifty employees.
  3. 9% of the population of California reported as self-employed.
  4. California produces annually 1.6 trillion dollars in products and services, making California the eighth biggest economy in the World.
  5. California is the prime crossroad for international trade and foreign direct investment in the United States (annual exports of 120 billion dollars).
  6. California is the leading high-tech state in the US. The Golden State boasts 1 million high-tech workers (more than any other US state). 1/6 of all the United States high-tech workers reside in California.
  7. Los Angeles is the biggest city in the State of California and the second in the United States.
  8. Port of Los Angeles is one of the biggest International Trade gateways in the World.
  9. California is the most popular United States location for international companies and attracts more foreign direct investment than any other US state.
  10. Top investing countries in California are Japan, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

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