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Russia-Andean Community

Syllabus of the Sub-subject: Trade Relations between the Andean Community and Russia.

  1. International trade in goods and services between the Andean Community and Russia
  2. Foreign Direct Investment flows Russia-Andean Community
The Sub-subject “Andean Community-Russia” is part of the following programs:
  1. Masters: America, BRICS Countries, Economic Relations, Emerging Market, Pacific, International Business
  2. Doctorates: Europe, America
  3. Course: Andean Markets, Russia

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Sample of the Sub-subject: Andean Community-Russia
Trade Relations Russia-Andean Community

Description of the Sub-Subject: exports and imports between the Andean Community and Russia

The Andean Community and the Russian Federation have established a mechanism for political dialogue and cooperation to intensify and expand their friendship, mutual understanding; and economic, scientific, and technical cooperation.

International Trade between the Andean Community (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru) and Russia, reached 1,130 million dollars, suffering a decline of 112 million dollars in 2009.

  1. The annual trade balance is positive for the Andean Community in the last decade
  2. Andean Community exports to Russia: 702 million dollars (+ 5% than in the previous year)
  3. During the past decade the Andean Community exports to Russia are growing at an average annual rate of 14%.
  4. Main exporter to Russia of the Andean Community is Ecuador, exports from Ecuador to Russia: 597 million dollars
  5. Andean Community imports from Russia: 429 million
  6. Peru is the Andean economy with the largest level of imports from Russia in the last three years, imports of this country amounted to 207 million dollars (48% of the Andean Community imports from the Russian market)

The Andean Countries belong to the Western Christian Civilisation (Latin American) and Russia to the Orthodox Civilisation.

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