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Andean Community-MERCOSUR Agreement

Syllabus of the Sub-subject: Andean Community-MERCOSUR Economic Complementation Agreement.

  1. International Trade of the countries of the Andean Community with Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Paraguay (MERCOSUR)
  2. MERCOSUR-Colombia-Ecuador Economic Complementation Agreement No. 59
  3. MERCOSUR-Peru Economic Complementation Agreement No. 58
  4. MERCOSUR-Bolivia Economic Complementation Agreement No. 36
The Sub-subject “Andean Community-MERCOSUR Economic Complementation Agreement” is part of the following programs:
  1. Masters: International Business, America, Pacific, Emerging Markets, BRICS Countries, Economic Relations
  2. Doctorate in Business in America (Online)
  3. Course: Andean Community, South America

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Sample of the Sub-subject: Andean Community-Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR)
Andean Community-MERCOSUR Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Description of the Sub-Subject: Economic Complementation Agreement between the Andean Community and the MERCOSUR:

  1. In 1998, the members of the MERCOSUR and the Andean Community signed a free trade agreement (FTA)
  2. In 1999, was signed an Economic Complementation Agreement Nº 39 (ACE39)
  3. In 2000, Argentina signs and Economic Complementarity Agreement Nº 48 (ACE48) with Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela
  4. In 2002, they signed the agreement for the establishment of a Free-Trade Area: The Economic Complementation Agreement Nº 56 (ACE56)
  5. In 2003, Bolivia and the MERCOSUR signed the Economic Complementarity Agreement (ACE) Nº36
  6. In 2004, they signed the Economic Complementarity Agreement Nº59 (free-trade area)

Chile returned to the Andean Community as an associate member state in 2006


  1. Trade Relations between the Andean Community and the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) have evolved quickly toward a convergence process that will benefit the 350 millions of people
  2. International Trade between the Andean Community (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru) and the MERCOSUR (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Paraguay): 16,430 million dollars (+ 27% over the previous year)
  3. The Andean Community imports from the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR): 10,844 million dollars
  4. Foreign Trade between the Andean Community and Chile: 7,134 million dollars

Andean Community-MERCOSUR

The agreement between the Andean Community and the MERCOSUR belongs to the Latin American Economic Area (Western Christian Civilisation).

Free Trade Agreements MERCOSUR

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