Business in Paraná Londrina

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Sub-subject: Foreign trade and business in Paraná Curitiba (Brazil). Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to the State of Paraná (Brazil).
  2. Paranaense economy and foreign trade.
  3. Business in Curitiba and Londrina.
  4. Case Study:
    - Cacique Coffee (Café Pele).
    - Positivo Group
    - Dixie Toga.
Sub-subject “Doing Business in Paraná” is studied...
  1. Professional Master's Programs (Online): International Business, America, and BRICS Countries
  2. Doctorate in Business in America
  3. Course: South America

Languages of study: English + Spanish Brasil Portuguese Brasil French Bresil.

Credits of sub-subject “Foreign Trade and Doing Business in Paraná (Brazil)”: 0.5 ECTS Credits

Sub-Subject Description: Business in Paraná - Curitiba:

  1. Paranaense economy is the fifth largest in Brazil, constituting 6.1% of Brazilian GDP.
  2. Parana represented 7.3% of Brazilian exports and kept the fifth place in the Brazilian ranking among exporting states.
  3. China and Germany were the main markets for export products
  4. Argentina, Nigeria, and China were its biggest importers (3.9 billion dollars).
  5. Parana state has a privileged geographical position in relation to the main Brazilian and Latin American markets.
  6. Brasilia and Buenos Aires are less than 1,300 kilometres and even smaller distances are the main economic centres of the MERCOSUR Countries.
  7. Paraná is located in the centre of a region where more than 220 million people.
  8. Municipalities of the metropolitan region of Curitiba stand out among the largest economies in the State of Parana.
  9. Inside the State of Parana, Londoner and Maringá stand by the firm presence of agribusiness and services, as well as the mouth of the Iguaçu, which stands for activities related to the tourism and the production of electricity; on the coast, Paranaguá stands out port activities.
  10. Paranagua port, 91 kilometres from Curitiba, is the largest port in Southern Brazil. The port moves cargo from several Brazilian states and countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay.
  11. The State of Parana is one of the largest generators of electricity.

Sample of sub-subject - Trade and business in Paraná:
Brazil Coffe Pelé

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