Boubou Hama (Nigerien Historian)

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Sub-subject: HE Boubou Hama (Niger, historian). Syllabus:

  1. The Nigerien Historian and Poet HE Niger Boubou Hama (Muslim)
  2. His works on the African culture and stories for young
The sub-subject “Boubou Hama (Nigerien historian)” is studied...
  1. Doctorates (Online): Africa, Muslim Markets
  2. Masters: International Business, Muslims Countries, Sub-Saharan Africa

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Sample of the sub-subject: Boubou Hama (African Historian)
Boubou Hama Nigerien Historian

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Description of the Sub-Subject: Boubou Hama (Nigerien Historian).

Specialisation of Boubou Hama: the African culture and youth stories.

The Nigerien poet, philosopher, historian, man of letters and political Boubou Hama was born in Fonéko (Niger, West Africa) in 1906; he died on January 1982.

  1. Religion: Boubou Hama was Muslim
  2. Ethnic origin: Songhay
  3. Studies in Dakar (Senegal)
  4. Boubou Hama was President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Niger (1958 - 1974) and plays a major role in the Nigerien cultural life
  5. Prisoner in Agadez (Niger) in 1974
  6. Specialisations of Boubou Hama: The culture of Africa, the Gao Empire, The Songhai, Sokoto
  7. Great literary prize of Black Africa (1971) for his book “Kotia-Nima”
  8. Prize Leopold Sédar Senghor for “Analytical essays of the education in Africa.”

The main books of Boubou Hama son:

  1. Empire of Gao: History, Customs, and Magic of Songhai
  2. Kotia-Nima
  3. Tales and Legends of the Niger
  4. History of Gobir and Sokoto
  5. Traditional History of a Songhai village
  6. The Wonderful Baobab
  7. The Delay of Africa
  8. Izé-Gani

Boubou Hama was an African Historian of the West African Economic Area of the African Civilisation.

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