Andean Community (CAN)

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Subject Subject (Course): The Andean Community (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru). Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to the Andean Community.
  2. Andean Integration System.
  3. Economic Profile of the Andean Community countries.
  4. Trade in Goods, Services, and Investments.
  5. Transport.
  6. Andean Customs Union.
  7. Free Trade Area of the Andean Community
  8. Common Market of the Andean Community
  9. NANDINA Nomenclature.
  10. Common External Tariff (ARIAN).
  11. The Andean Community's common foreign policy.
  12. Relationships with the MERCOSUR, the United States, China, India, and Russia
  13. Trade Agreement between Colombia, Peru, and the European Union (EU).
  14. The Andean Community: Productive and commercial development.
  15. The Andean Community Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
  16. Andean Development Corporation

The objectives of the subject “Andean Community” are to:

  1. Understand the aims and functions of the Andean Community
  2. Assess the benefits for member countries of the Andean Community and the areas of cooperation
  3. Know the economic profile of the Andean countries
  4. Analyse the process of economic integration (free trade area and customs union) and foreign trade among the member countries of the Andean Community
  5. Analyse the Andean Integration System and the Andean Community Customs
  6. Explore the international relations of the Andean Community (Free Trade Agreements)
  7. Know the role of the Andean Development Corporation


Subject “The Andean Community” is studied...
  1. Masters: International Business, America, Pacific, Emerging Markets, and Economic Relations
  2. Doctorate in Business in America (Distance learning)
  3. Course: the Andean Markets

Languages of study: English or Spanish CAN Portuguese CAN French Communaute Andine

  1. Credits of the subject “The Andean Community”: 3 ECTS Credits / 1.5 AC Credits
  2. Duration: three weeks

Sample of the subject - Andean Community (CAN):
Andean Community

Description Subject Description: The Andean Community (CAN).

The Andean Community is a regional organisation endowed with an international legal status. The Andean Community member economies are Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and the bodies and institutions comprising the Andean Integration System.

  1. The Andean Community partner countries are Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay
  2. The Andean Community observer countries are Spain, Mexico, and Panama

The Andean region is located in South America (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru)

  1. The total population: 103 millions of people
  2. Area: 4,700,000 square kilometres
  3. Gross domestic product: 407,000 million dollars.

Andean Development Corporation

The objectives of the Andean Community are to:

  1. Promote the member economies balanced and harmonious development under right circumstances through integration of the foreign trade and economic and social cooperation
  2. Step-up their growth and job creation
  3. Facilitate their participation in the regional integration process
  4. Reduce the member countries' external vulnerability
  5. Reinforce subregional solidarity
  6. Seek the continuing improvement of the living standards of the people.

The Andean integration system is a set of bodies and institutions forming part of the Andean Community, intended to allow for an efficient coordination between them to maximise Andean subregional integration, promote their external projection and strengthen the actions related to the integration process.

Andean Community Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

Andean Community Agreements in America: the MERCOSUR (ACE), Chile, Mexico, and Panama.
- CAN Extra-regional Agreements: the European Union (EU), India, China, and Russia.

  1. MERCOSUR (Associated)
  2. Andean Community and the MERCOSUR
  3. Andean Community-Chile
  4. Andean Community-United Mexican States
  5. Andean Community-Panama
  6. Andean Community-India
  7. Andean Community-China
  8. European Union-Andean Community countries
  9. Andean Community-Russia

The Andean development corporation is a multilateral financial institution that encourages the sustainable development of its shareholder countries and regional integration. While its main shareholders are Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the United Mexican States, Panama, Paraguay, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, and Uruguay, as well as fifteen private banks in the region, are also shareholders.

The Andean Community belongs to the Latin American Economic Area of the Western Christian Civilisation.

Samples - The Andean Community

Panama-Andean Community Free Trade Agreement

Colombia, Peru-European Union Free Trade Agreement

Andean Community-Chile Free Trade Agreement

China-Andean Community Foreign Trade

Andean Community-MERCOSUR Free Trade Agreement

India-Andean Community Foreign Trade

Trade Relations Russia-Andean Community

Mexico-Andean Community Free Trade Agreement

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