Amancio Ortega: the third-richest men in the World

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Sub-subject Sub-subject: Amancio Ortega (Businessperson/Spain). Syllabus:

  1. The Spanish Businessman and philanthropist Amancio Ortega: the third richest men in the World
  2. The Inditex  Group of fashion


Sub-subject “Amancio Ortega: Spain - Businessman” is studied...
  1. Masters: International Business, Europe
  2. Doctorate in Ethics, Religion, and Business (e-learning)

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Sample of the Sub-subject: Amancio Ortega (Spanish Businessman)
Amancio Ortega (Spanish Philanthropist)

Description Sub-Subject Description: Amancio Ortega:

  1. The billionaire, philanthropist, and creator of the Inditex Group, Mr Amancio Ortega Gaona, is the third-richest men in the World.
  2. Amancio Ortega Gaona was born in 1936 in Busdongo Arbas (León, Spain).
  3. Along with his ex-wife Mss Rosalia Mera they created Inditex in 1963.
  4. Today Inditex is one of the largest fashion companies in the World.
  5. In 1972 he founded “Garments Goa Sa” (textile factory), in 1975 he created “Zara Spain SA,” a company of distribution and retail (clothing for men, women, and children).
  6. Mr Ortega currently, is the largest shareholder of the Inditex Group, publicly traded since 2001.
  7. In 1985; it was created the Inditex Group.
  8. In 1988, the group started its internationalisation, opening its first store in Portugal (Oporto).
  9. In the nineties, the company has its stores around the world.
  10. In 2001, Inditex goes public.
  11. Today it is considered the world's largest textile company.
  12. From the beginning, his vision of the business is based on controlling the entire value chain: production, distribution, marketing, and sales.
  13. Forbes estimated that Ortega is the richest person in Spain and Europe, and the third in the World, with an estimated net worth of 57 billion dollars.

Mr Amancio Ortega is also the founder and President of the “Amancio Ortega Foundation” through which makes significant philanthropic actions.

  1. In 2012, he donated 20 million Euros to Caritas.
  2. “Amancio Ortega Foundation” also donated 10 million Euros to fund educational programs through the Entreculturas Foundation.

NOTE: Mr Ortega keeps a very low profile; he has never been declared as a Catholic, but he collaborates closely with Caritas, everything seems to point to their Christians and Catholics beliefs.

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